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DIY nail care kit

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Nail care kits are perfect for prepping the nails for press ons or just giving yourself a manicure,
It soft enough to keep the natural nail intact but rough enough to remove the shine from your nails. You will get many uses out of it and will save you $$. It is also great for when you have glue still on your nails from the removal of your press ons.
How to use for prepping:
1. Push your cuticles back with cuticle pusher
2. With the buffer (purple side) gentle file the nail surface
3. Using the file the free edge into desired shape
4. Remove all dust with a dust brush (checkout Extras)
5. Clean nail with alcohol wipes and put on your new set or continue with polish
How to use for removing glue:
1. After removing press ons (please reference to instructions) using the purple side to gently remove glue from the natural nails.
2. With the pink side shine the nail & put on cuticle oil to hydrate. Putting on cuticle will help with strengthening your nails and growth
What will you receive:
Purple/Pink nail buffer x 1
180 Grit Nail File x1 
Cuticle pushes double ended x 1